Skoda Superb Performance & First Drive

Skoda Superb Overview

The besotting saloon has upgraded not just in terms of styling but it is a step up as far as performance goes, especially compared to the preceding model. Not that the previous version was in any way disappointing, it was comfortable too, but things have improved overall in the new generation model as one would expect. MQB platform forms base for the new Superb just like Octavia. Engines powering new Superb are same but they have been modified to yield enhanced performance. For that matter it is important to mention here that Superb is offered in petrol and diesel engine choices. Transmission duties are handled by manual and automatic gearboxes. With all the updates making Superb totally worth a price bump, it is something which may not go down too well with Indian customers, especially considering the lean stature of the segment. Skoda Superb price in India has indeed been upped but it isn’t considerable, hence it still fits in the affordable tag. Book a test drive for Superb in Tryaldrive

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Skoda Superb Exterior

So in terms of overall design, the great proportions, intricate detailing and crisp lines make the 2016 model look modern, appealing and premium. And as the pictures suggest, the new Superb compliments the beautiful hill roads like a dream. Being the Skoda flagship, Chief Designer Jozef Kabanmall has paid special attention to the smallest of details on the new premium sedan. So, every time I stopped to take pictures of the 2015 Skoda Superb on the ghats, I couldn’t help but admire the painstaking effort put into the intricacies. The fine details of the headlights and taillights are a fine example, right from their crystal elements to the decorative cuts on the glass. Or the “invisible” bonnet, which simply merges with the front grille and is camouflaged with the shoulder line on the sides.Talking about the side profile, you might have noticed that my test vehicle doesn’t flaunt the snooty Laurin & Klement badging on near the wheel arches.

Skoda Superb Interior

Space has to be the prime attribute here; there is heaps of room for passengers seated in front and back. The quality of materials used has gone up too, and Skoda has made notable change to the design of the cabin. That said, the dashboard receives a new design, it is sleek and a lot has changed what we saw in the second gen model. Dual tone interiors of the model along with piano black finish and chrome accents educe class. Seats are draped in leather upholstery and are well cushioned, although they are placed a tad low but that does not ruin the thigh support both up front and rear. Everything inside the cabin seems extravagant courtesy the lavish space on offer that has been used aptly. Yet another pro is the quality evident in the dials and buttons placed on centre console that altogether up the ante for Superb. There are various storage points within the cabin, even the luggage compartment offers ample space for storage, with all seats up boot space swells to 625 litres.New Skoda Superb is feature rich flaunting a mix of advanced gizmos such as 3D head lamps, horizontal LED fog lamps, power adjustable outside rear view mirrors and 2-piece LED tail lamps on the outside.

Skoda Superb Performance

The Superb retains the choice of powertrains – a 1.8 litre TSI turbo petrol, which I absolutely love, and a 2-litre diesel, which obviously will be the more popular pick. The high revving TSI turbo petrol is a sweet sounding engine. Although there’s just a bit of lag initially, the moment you get past 2000rpm, it just pulls through sweetly all the way to 7000rpm – in an almost sports car like manner. But unlike the Octavia, the 1.8 litre engine does not get the added 20PS boost in power as max power remains at 160PS. And herein lies a small contradiction – the Octavia gets 20 PS more power, but doesn’t get paddle shifters, while the Superb does, so what would Skoda call more of a driver’s car?

The Superb also retains the dual clutch DSG gearbox which is right up there amongst the best gearboxes in the world. Just as you’re heading into a corner ready to shift down, or you’re hitting the redline ready to shift up, the second clutch already has the gear change prepped and the precision and speed just makes a torque convertor seem like something from the stone age. The diesel gets a 6-speed automatic while the petrol gets a 7-speed autobox. The manual option stays only with the petrol.

Skoda Superb Driving

Neither the underpinnings, nor the tyres, nor the chassis, nor the steering mechanism have been changed what so ever, so you can expect the same plush ride quality and solid dynamics from the new Superb as well. You can also expect the same torque steer especially on inclines. But at high speeds there are few cars that inspire as much confidence, while the rear bench continues to be one of the most comfortable in its segment. And with eight air bags and a plethora of driving aids, it is also one of the safest cabins on sale in India.

Skoda Superb Safety

Safety features aboard are pedestrian protection, multi-collision brake assist, fatigue detection system, hill hold control, anti-lock-braking system, multiple airbags including two in front for driver & co-passenger, side bags at front and rear and curtain airbags. Handling is smooth; the car maintains its poise even at high speeds and feels light. The manual transmission is responsive and agile. Ride quality is good too, although it seems a tad stern. Braking force is powerful; the stopping power kicks in quite well in time keeping the car well composed.

Skoda Superb Cost in Mumbai

Skoda Superb Ex-Showroom Price in Mumbai ranges from 25,07,034/- (Superb Style 1.8 TSI MT) to 32,39,579/- (Superb L and K 2.0 TDI AT). Get best offers for Skoda Superb from Skoda Dealers in Mumbai. Check for Superb price in Mumbai at Carzprice

Skoda Superb Conclusion

The 2018 Skoda Superb has not only managed to take the game to the next level, but offers way more than other cars priced in this range. After-sales being the only chink in the armour, Skoda seems to have fixed that issue to a large extent too. The new Superb remains an excellent bargain if you are not infatuated with a premium badge and are purely in search of a premium car that ticks all the right boxes in terms of style, comfort, features.

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