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Nissan Micra Active Overview

Nissan Micra Active is the vehicle that is mainly targeted towards sensitive car buyers. The new Micra Active is the entry level hatchback in the Nissan’s portfolio. It is the economical car that comes without compromising on quality, spacious interiors, styling, comfort and fuel efficiency. The new 2018 Nissan Micra Active is primarily a lucrative version of the regular Micra or we can say that it is the Micra bereaved of some features. It’s contemporary styling along with the practical drivability makes the Micra Active a perfect urban hatchback.Apply car loan for Micra Active at Fincarz.

Nissan Micra Active Design & Look

Nissan’s sporty hatchback has a spectacular body line and an idiosyncratic design. The newly styled fa?ade makes it score over its earlier avatar. The double layer integrated grille provides an elegant look. The body-coloured bumper has a large air dam that speeds up engine cooling and is flanked by air ducts which further help in air intake. The side profile has neatly carved out wheel arches, which are fitted with steel wheels that are equipped with tubeless radial tyres. The roof antenna also enhances the exterior look along with a large laminated front windscreen, which is equipped with a pair of intermittent wipers. The rear end also gets a wide windscreen along with a prominent Nissan logo embedded on the boot lid.

Micra Active is a stylishly designed hatchback with small dimensions though it is roomy from the inside. It measures 3.78 m in length across all variants except the top-of-the-line XVS that measures 3.8 m. It has a width of 1.67 m and is 1.53 m high. Ground clearance of 154 mm allows easy handling and the wheel base of 2.45 m makes it spacious from the inside. Micra Active comes with the basic steel wheel rims fitted perfectly underneath its wheel arches. Its base-level and mid-level variants are equipped with 13” steel wheels that have tyres of size 155/80 R13 fitted over them; and the top-of-the-line variant is endowed 14” steel wheels and 165/70 R15 sized tubeless radial tyres

Nissan Micra Active Cabin & Comfort

Step inside and you will see that the old black and beige treatment continues to be part of the cabin. The quality of plastic although not one of the best in its class, it does feel nice. The fit and finish have been further bolstered with piano black finish which gives it a sporty look and makes the ambiance inside great. The cabin is undoubtedly spacious and in fact, the sitting position is pretty high as compared to the tall boy styled car such as Wagon R.

The main highlight of the cabin in the updated model is the new 6.2-inch touchscreen infotainment which opens up a plethora of options for your convenience. The infotainment comes with audio visual navigation along with the facility of mirroring your phone on to the screen. This definitely makes longer journeys a wonderful experience. Further, the comfortable driving factor is strengthened with the facility of driver seat height adjustability.

The car comes with steering mounted audio controls that let you groove to your favourite music as well as allows you to easily connect with your family and friends with handsfree telephony. The instrument cluster is user-friendly and besides featuring odometer, it also gives info on average fuel consumption. And with amenities such as 3 cup holders, 2 bottle holders, and 12V power outlet, there is no dearth of space and convenience. Overall, there are handsome changes in the 2018 model that would definitely add to its appeal.Check for Micra Active in Primovox

Nissan Micra Active Engine & Gearbox

The engine on the Micra Active is the same 1.2-litre petrol, but due to lesser weight the fuel efficiency of the Micra Active is higher than that on the regular Micra. It is equipped with a 1.2-litre petrol engine, which has a potential to displace of about 1198cc. It has three cylinders and twelve valves, which are based on a dual overhead camshaft valve configuration. It has a capacity to generate a maximum power of 67.06bhp at 5000rpm and can generate a peak torque output of 104Nm at 4000rpm. It is mated with a five speed manual transmission gear box, which enables smoother gear shifts and aids in delivering a flawless performance. It has an electronic fuel injection supply system and can squeeze a mileage of 19.49 Kmpl, when driven under standard conditions.

Nissan has worked on the fuel efficiency of the Micra Active and it has a better figure than that of the Micra, as it lighter. This hatchback model series is equipped with a reliable mill. It is capable of delivering a mileage of about 19.49 Kmpl on freeways. It is achievable due to its engine being associated with an electronic fuel injection supply system. If driven within the city, its fuel economy could drop down to 16-17 Kmpl, under standard driving conditions.

The power of the Micra Active is similar to that of the Micra, however the Micra Active is lighter, so the outright performance will be better.Its proficient petrol mill is equipped with three cylinders, which further have a total of twelve valves. This is in sync with a dual overhead camshaft based valve system. It has a potential to produce a maximum power of 67.1bhp at 5000rpm and can generate a peak torque output of 104Nm at 4000rpm.

Nissan Micra Active Ride & Handling

The power steering of Micra Active is deft and manoeuvrable and this makes it an ideal car for congested areas. The turning radius of 4.65 m is one of the smallest in this segment. Ventilated disc brakes are fitted in the front while the rear end gets drum brakes for efficient braking. An advanced Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) makes it a safe hatchback. The staunch suspension is a McPherson Strut for the front wheels and a torsion beam system for the rear ones

The Petrol engine with an Electronic Fuel Injection Control System, has the ability to generate about 66.64bhp of maximum power output at 5000rpm and maximum torque of 104Nm at 4000rpm, which is incredible for harsh traffic conditions. It comes with a 5-speed manual transmission, which allows smooth gear shift for city drives.Acceleration of the Petrol-based Micra Active is superior as compared to that of Nissan Micra’s Petrol version. The crosses the 100kmph mark from standstill in about 13 seconds. Its top speed is in the range of 150 to 160 kmph, which is quite impressive.

Nissan Micra Active Safety

Nissan has taken care of the safety bit, as the Micra Active has ABS and even airbag as a standard feature on the top model. This hatch is equipped with multiple safety features and its top end variant is solely safety related that its very name is XV Safety. The technology of making the engine inactive as soon as any unauthorized access is detected is an immobilizer, and this feature is incorporated into all its variants. It is also integrated with an advanced braking mechanism, which includes an anti-lock braking system with an electronic brake-force distribution that is coupled with brake assist too.View offers on Micra Active at Autozhop.

This braking system is offered for only the higher end trim, XV Safety. The airbags which deploy in safeguarding the driver as well as the co-passenger from getting any impact out of a crash or otherwise is offered in the top end alone. Additionally, this trim is also given a driver seat belt warning indicator is available in the instrument cluster. The central door locking is offered in all the variants except for the base XE trim. Furthermore, these three variants are additionally offered with a speed sensing auto door lock. The follow me home headlamps help the occupants in the darker hours of the day in reverting back home safely without stumbling and this feature is incorporated into all the available trims as well. The warnings in the instrument cluster includes low fuel level warning indicator, a headlight-on warning indicator as well as a key remove warning notification. All these aspects put together makes this hatchback series, one of the safest and most affordable vehicle in this segment.

Nissan Micra Active Price in Pune

Nissan Micra Active On-Road Price in Pune ranges from 6,32,237 to 7,15,573 for variants Micra Active XL and Micra Active XV respectively. Nissan Micra Active is available in 2 variants and 6 colours. Below are details of Nissan Micra Active variants price in Pune. Check for Micra Active price in Pune at Tryaldrive.

Nissan Micra Active Final Word

Nissan’s Micra Active has superior all-round visibility that is slightly marred by the thick C-pillar. It has bulbous outcrops flanking the bonnet and this makes it a rarity among modern cars where the bonnet is almost never visible and this makes parking in tight spots extremely easy. Micra Active lives up to its tagline ‘drive easy, live better’. Active’s front seats are quite comfortable but the same can’t be said about the rear bench. Though legroom is adequate, the seats severely lack thigh support, and that makes it the car with the least comfortable rear bench and not the best one to be chauffeur-driven in. Surprisingly, its competitor

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