Datsun GO Review & First Drive

Datsun GO Overview

Datsun India has finally upped the ante of the GO badge in the country. This is a much-needed overhaul to the hatchback and its mini-MPV ever since they were introduced in India more than four years ago. At that time, these cars received a lacklustre response from Indian car buyers and were easily overlooked, largely due to a scant number of features. Fast forward to today and the GO and GO Plus have turned out to be far more desirable than their earlier versions. Now the pair packs in a decent feature list with sufficient standard equipment. And although under the skin, there isn’t any substantial change, the subtle styling updates have made the GO duo a significant alternative in the high volume entry-level segment. View offers on Datsun Cars from Datsun dealers in Hyderabad at Autozhop

Datsun GO Style

Similar is the case with the Indian car market. The sub 4-metre and the small size engine duty have made the business a bit too complicated for car manufacturers. Compact-size sedans and even SUVs are making their way, with some compromise. However, Datsun has introduced a larger hatch called as the Datsun GO+. It is being marketed as a compact utility vehicle and does it do that? We take it for a weekend camping trip and find out how much of the addition exists.

The PLUS stands for the larger boot and additional third row of seating. The Datsun GO+ is based on the GO, and it shows the striking resemblance. The fascia’s of both are the same and the body design is the same till the rear door. After which the belt line rises as you move towards the rear and even the wheel haunches are protuberant. The blacked-out door pillar after the rear door (C-pillar) has a lesser glass area and this makes it very prominent. The roof also gently slopes downwards towards the rear. The boot lid of the Datsun GO+ is a new body part and the tail lamps are the same as the GO. The rear bumper looks stylish and does look muscular.

The length of the Datsun GO is under 4 metres, so it is as long as the Honda Amaze and Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire. However, what this offers is extra flexibility with another row of seating or a humongous boot, when compared to the compact sedans and SUVs. As the ground clearance is the same, it drives like any other compact car and is easy to manoeuvre through tight city lanes with a turning radius of 4.6 metres.

Datsun GO Space

Get inside this new hatch and you will like what you find inside, definitely Hyundai has set a new benchmark when it comes to interiors with their budget hatch Eon and when you compare Go’s interior the later looks and feels pretty basic and bland.The front dashboard looks boring with the round air vents which has once again been borrowed from Nissan Micra what is interesting though is that you won’t be getting any audio player with this new hatch instead Datsun has provided a holder which can hold any mobile audio device such as an I-pod or your mobile and it also has been provided with a aux in audio input jack so your phone or I-pod becomes in car entertainment system. The rest of the instrument cluster and dials looks pretty basic too but the small digital display provides lot of useful information such as rev counter, trip computer for average fuel consumption and fuel gauge.

Let me mention one more interesting thing about the dashboard here the gear lever has been fitted along with the dashboard in order to save space in the front seats. The dashborad does not have a glovebox instead it has a parcel tray just beneath the dashboard.The front seat or it would sound appropriate if I call it a bench because just between the two front bucket seats there is an additional cushion which joins both the driver and passenger seats and it can easily fit a third passenger but Datsun in particular has made it clear that this small space is strictly for a small children. Another disappointing thing is that although it has been provided with a cushioning there are no seat belts provided for the third passenger at the front.

The designers have given this new hatch a wider shape and thus have pushed the doors and wheels at the front and rear end of the car to create more space in its interiors moreover it also has been provides with a 265 liters of boot space where you can store some luggage easily which too is impressive for a entry level hatch of this size.The Go hatch interiors are definitely not luxurious but has ample of space inside although the interiors looks bit dull and boring with grey plastics and seat fabrics but this is only an entry level hatch and so expecting anything more will be bit silly.

Datsun GO Engine

Powering the Datsun GO is the de-tuned 1.2-litre, 3-pot motor from the petrol Micra which outputs 68 PS of power at 5000 RPM (the same engine in the Micra makes 76 PS at 6000 RPM) and 104 Nm of torque at 4000 RPM. This engine is relatively smooth for a 3-cylinder mill and the light weight helps it gather good pace quickly. Mid-range is strong and the engine keeps charging, losing steam sharply in the top-end as the rev-limiter cuts in too early at just 5200 RPM. Near the rev limit, the motor is filled with vibrations, buzzing in despair but in spite of the 3-pot configuration, the motor has good NVH throughout the power band with on idle vibes being the major achilles heel. The vibrations are more when the AC is switched off as the engine RPM reduces.

In fact the tuning done on the engine of the Datsun GO is so much better than the Nissan Micra that you really don’t put the 3-cylinder motor in inferior hardware category. In spite of the modest horse power, the GO is quite fast with 0-100 km/hr coming up in 14 seconds, aided by its light weight and good power to weight ratio. Not only can you potter around town in higher gears with comfort, you can also cruise on the highways without the engine feeling uneasy. The 5-speed gearbox has decent shift quality although it feels a bit notchy but the clutch is light. The ARAI claimed mileage for the Datsun GO is 20.6 km/l which is better than the Micra even though it is equipped with the same motor. Expect real world mileage to be around 15 km/l, making the Datsun GO quite frugal.

Datsun GO Rideing

Within the city, you’ll like the Go’s light steering and small turning radius. The long-travel suspension is also absorbent enough, with the considerable ground clearance coming into play on really bad stretches of road. But the small wheels do crash through larger potholes and you can also always hear the suspension. The poor sound insulation is to blame. This becomes a bigger issue at highway speeds, where road and even wind noise become constant irritants. The lack of cladding in the rear wheel wells also means you can hear everything the tyres throw up at the body.Noise apart, the Go does make for a reasonably good highway car. Straight-line stability is very impressive for the most part (strong crosswinds do disturb its composure), and the steering feels adequately weighted too. It rolls a fair bit when pushed hard through corners, but the well-sorted dynamics and safe handling allow you to punt the Go around with confidence and ease. Just keep in mind that the Go comes without anti-lock brakes and that the tyres respond to emergency stops with lots of squealing and squirming.

Datsun GO Safety

Safety is one of the main priorities of many Indian consumers especially when they are choosing a car for their entire family. For your information the Datsun GO will disappoint you once again here because quite frankly it lacks lot of safety features which you would normally expect out of your family hatch.The Go does not have any provision of a airbag in any of its variants. Although it has been provided with disc brakes at the front but there is no ABS option either in the car. So if you are concerned about all these safety measures then we are afraid that Datsun GO won’t provide you with any.

Datsun GO Cost in Hyderabad

Datsun Go Ex-Showroom Price in Hyderabad ranges from 3,27,148/- (Go D) to 4,27,408/- (Go T Optional). Get best offers for Datsun Go from Datsun Dealers in Hyderabad. Check for GO price in Hyderabad at Carzprice

Datsun GO Comclusion

Were we to judge the Datsun Go relative to similarly sized hatchbacks, it would come across as a tad underwhelming. But you need to compare the Go to similarly priced competition; that’s when you’ll see it as a clever proposition. A spacious cabin and a big boot are two things you’ll rarely find in a budget hatchback, but it’s something you get with the Go. The car’s attractive styling, class-leading performance, ease of use and good fuel economy are also aspects that will interest buyers in the budget segment, the majority of whom are first-time car buyers. That’s not to say the Go doesn’t have its flaws. The ergonomics, for one, leave muchto be desired and there’s some essential kit missing. So there’s clearly a lot of room for improvement.


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